Welcome to ultrasound examination for health check or diagnosis

Health Check

Welcome to the Health Check with ultrasound (incl. exam of neck, thyroid, walls of carotid arteries, abdomen, pelvis, groins, lymph nodes, testicles). This service is screening, which means examination of persons without symptoms to detect serious illness (ex. cancer) as early as possible.  Ultrasonography is a method with no radiation and actually without adverse effects. There is no need for referral to our exams and it is possible to have an appointments the same day. Ask us about advantages and limitations of ultrasonography.

It is also possible to buy Health Check for other (nearest) people. The person must be willing to participate and come to the exam (but will not pay). Ask us about the details of this possibility.

Diagnostic ultrasound of one organ or region

If you have any symptoms, problems or questions about your health, you are welcome to an ultrasound exam. There is no need for referral and it is possible to have an appointment the same day:


Dizziness, fainting, visual disturbances, atherosclerosis, tobacco smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, controls after previous stroke or after operations on carotids. Examination of artery walls (plaques, calcifications, intima-media complex) is important in prophylaxis and controlling of atherosclerosis. We offer also complete examination of carotid arteries with Doppler.

US of VEINS in lower and upper limbs

Symptoms of blood clot - leg/arm swelling, pain, stiffness. Blood clots may break off and pass into the lungs, where they can cause a dangerous condition called pulmonary embolism. Controls after previous vein thrombosis (blood clots). Varicose veins - examination of vein valves.


Abdominal pain or soreness, swollen abdomen, change in look and consistence of the stool, palpable or visible tumor or mass in abdomen, decrease of body weight, decreased appetite, jaundice (icterus), trauma.

US of the ABDOMEN in children

Abdominal pain, swollen abdomen, decreased appetite, too slow body weight increase, also the above-mentioned symptoms.


Joint pain, joint swelling, muscle pain, trauma, degenrative joint disease (arthrosis).
We offer also therapeutic ultrasound guided joint injections with hyaluronic acid, antiinflammatory drugs and pain killers.


Palpable or visible tumor or mass in the lower neck, assymetry, difficulties at swallowing or breathing. Prominent bulging eyes, heat intolerance, sweating, restlessness, irritability, tremors. Or opposite: fatigue, weakness, cold intolerance, weight gain. Regular controls of known thyroid nodules or diseases.

US of the NECK

Palpable or visible tumors or masses, assymetry, pain, difficulties at swallowing or breathing.


Palpable nodules or tumors, size increase of testicle or whole scrotum, pain or soreness.

US of the subcutan TUMORS

Explanation of results of other radiological examinations

We offer explanation of results and images from your other exams, i.ex. meaning of a particular result, word or phrase. We have experience in MRI, CT, US and x-ray.

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